Focus and Form at Liberty Arts Gallery

With Sculptor Jack Shaw

September 2012

Hear No, Speak No, See No...

A 30 foot wall was plastered with glue backed fabric prints of "Kissers and Mitts" a photo shoot especially done for this show. I used the back of the Black Butte Saloon, in Weed, CA, as a photo studio and invited more than 20 people to hang out and pose. I said "put your hands where your face is"... And they did!!!!


To see a video compilation of these stills click below.

And, of course.. Smell No..

Many of the photographs on this site were used as part the 100 or so archival prints for this exhibition. It was a retrospective show  as well, and I had the walls to hang my artwork on and Jack used the  center as a sculpture island as well as pieces fit into appropriate places.

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