Corporate and Industrial

Industrial and construction sites have always been a favorite.  I have a fascination with people dedicated to getting the job done well and showing them and their surroundings for what they really are.

Corporate photography has always been an atraction, since it puts me in so many different and challenging situations…  Executive portraits, products in use, people in action and so many variations… even utilizing my architectural and environmental photographic  skills.


Thoratec_VDK_16Crop 9104-804ASplashCrop - Copy corp103 PortOaklandBoardRm Corporate Images

The distinction between my corporate work and my industrial work and even my photography of institutions and technology can be a challenge to categorize. So, with so many great images to chose from you may see some overlapping.

_F0N2354 PicoPower_096 (1) 0010-064MBConcPour - CopyFor Centria... San Jose Minetta International Airport Terminal B  Industrial Images

This is where the rubber hits the road for me.  Something in my nature just loves being around people getting things done and industry of all sorts is where this happens in a big way.