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Architectural Photography

The photography of Architecture is my most widely published work and a specialty I still love to approach in depth for both interior and exterior…  which I feel is mandatory for “telling the story by walking around” as Ezra Stoller put it.

Industrial, Corporate and Construction Photography

Industrial and construction sites have always been a favorite.  I have a fascination with people dedicated to getting the job done well and showing them and their surroundings for what they really are.
Corporate photography has always been an attraction, since it puts me in so many different and challenging situations…  Executive portraits, products in use, people in action and so many variations… even utilizing my architectural and environmental photographic  skills.

Aerial Photography

This a specialty I can’t get enough of. Taking photographs from a helicopter with the door off and zooming along at 80 to 125 miles an hour is certainly a thrill.  But the perspective for an artist is endlessly fascinating.  Though most of my flights have been for commercial advertising, I always just shoot away and capture the abstract qualities and amazing light that inevitably comes from being up so high. I feel I have made a significant contribution to my fine art collection with these images.

The Kitchen Sink

What can I say…  I’ve been doing this so long, I guess I haven’t tried everything, but must be getting close.  An artist’s prerogative is to express, through the filter of their consciousness, the emotional content of their subjects.  These images, of people I love or just saw in the street, of ordinary objects seen in extraordinary ways, of breath taking landscapes and so much more, are simply how I feel about each person or thing at that moment in time.