I write this after watching Carl Reiner and his ancient friends in “If You’re Not In the Obits…. Eat Breakfast”. At 74, I now feel like a kid again… Well mentally for sure.


Bob is a lot about photography, music and the arts in general. About logic and reason and coming of age through the “Summer of Love” generation. What this site is, is a kind of memoir and an effort to finally put what I’ve worked my butt off for so long before the world. It is so hard to “stand out” from the crowd, when all you’re told is to follow these rules and do what everybody else does. This just does not appeal to my sense of logic. So what you have here is a lot, not a little taste of “only your best work”. I have a lot of best work… to me… and to many others. It has taken place over a very long time and is so much the self-expression that is the life blood of any serious artist. So, some may find it boring to watch a slide show for a whole 3 minutes and reject much of the work, because they have 13 appointments, 200 phone calls and no sleep. Oh well!


I put this here for the viewer’s enjoyment and the hopes for some appreciation. But, more importantly for my own self-respect. When I’m gone, maybe this will help to have a few more remember. Maybe some of you will love an image so much you’ll buy an archival print and someone 50 years from now will see it and say “Cool… who was that guy?” Maybe someone will license an image and then it will bounce around for decades and be remembered as mine. And maybe, some of this will make some of you happy enough to be inspired by it.


So I hope you enjoy this.


I think, I’ll have breakfast now.



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Fine Art Photography.. For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Fine Art Photography....

  For breakfast, lunch

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